The MIGU HEADBAND from XIAOMI allows for mind-controlled operation of high-tech devices

Xiaomi unveiled the MiGu Headband, which uses brain waves to let you mentally control smart home appliances. The headband is a component of the project that took home first place at the third online hackathon sponsored by Xiaomi Group.

The headband not only allows you to manage smart home appliances with your mind, but it also detects driver weariness. It is a natural and more comfortable way of living, according to the project engineer, making life accessible to everyone

The MiGu’s development team claims that three components were included in the device to aid in the capturing of electrical signals. The wearer’s electroencephalogram (EEG) can also be read by MiGu.

The EEG exam assesses the electrical activity of the brain. When people are experiencing different emotions, their EEG waveforms change, and MiGu utilizes machine learning to measure that.

The winning entry in Xiaomi’s online Hackathon is MiGu, as was already reported. Whether it will be sold or not is still a mystery. In any case, the MiGu is intriguing and, if it succeeds, will attract a lot of attention.