Approximately one mile away, a surveillance camera from Fujifilm can read car license plates

The “SX800” is a new surveillance camera by Fujifilm, a company that makes and sells cameras and other photography gear. It is a long-range surveillance camera made for use in large corporations and at international borders to ensure security.

The 20–800 mm focal length lens is used by the SX800 security camera. A 40x optical zoom. With a digital zoom that can zoom up to 1.25x, you can take pictures with a 1,000-mm maximum focal length.

As a result, Fujifilm claims that it will be able to see even a parked car’s license plate from a distance of 1 kilometer (0.6 miles). The SX800 includes excellent image vibration reduction technology that allows it to capture still shots at such a distance.

A quick 3-second autofocus mechanism will be provided. Furthermore, it is claimed that there are features that would lessen mirage and fog for improved visual clarity.

You can shoot successfully at night because of its ability to set ISO levels up to 819,200. It is said that the SX800 is produced using the “advanced image development technology” found in Fujifilm’s X Series cameras.

In a marketing video published by Fujifilm, the SX800 security camera even reads a sign being carried by a human from a distance of 1.5 kilometers (just over a mile). Tokyo Tower is also well visible from a distance of 3 kilometers (1.86 mi).

On July 26, Fujifilm’s SX800 security camera will go on sale. The cost has not yet been made public.