At a starting price of 370, Xiaomi will release camera spectacles

The “MI Glasses Camera” is a new pair of glasses by Xiaomi, a consumer electronics business with headquarters in Beijing. The suggested selling price is 2699 yuan ($400), but only 2499 yuan ($370) is being raised through crowdfunding.

At 10 a.m. on August 3, the crowdsourcing effort will get underway. The 299 yuan sunglasses were distributed throughout this time period in a constrained supply.

100 grams make up the product’s weight. It has a 50MP quadruple Bayer 4-in-1 wide-angle camera for the first time and an 8MP periscope telephoto sensor with split OIS optical anti-shake, allowing for high-power image processing without the use of a cable.

In addition to the periscope telephoto lens’s 15x hybrid zoom and 5x optical zoom for long-lens shooting, the wide-angle main camera’s first-view capability, installation of a 1020 mAh battery and regular use.

It is capable of recording videos for three hours and one hundred minutes, and it charges quickly—from 0% to 80% in about 30 minutes. A smartphone periscope dual-camera system has been incorporated by the business for the first time into a small pair of smart glasses, considerably enhancing their shooting capabilities.

The product also has useful features and other intelligent AR features. For instance, Time Backtracking enables one-click uploading to the user’s social platform and can save films up to 10 seconds before shooting when the shutter is depressed.

See also: Xiaomi patents magnetic AR glasses to improve Meta-cosmic architecture. Xiaomi had already created a translation tool called Xiaoai that can translate between English and Chinese in real time.

It now supports more than six foreign languages and is accessible in China. Future software updates will include more functionality, such as video projection.

Photos and videos on smart glasses are Xiaomi in terms of privacy and security. The software won’t copy it and store it in the cloud.

To safeguard the privacy of users, the product additionally has an LED firing indicator. When snapping a photo or recording a video, it will illuminate to notify others.