Using the vein in the hand, a new ATM system from Hitachi will enable cash withdrawals

It’s possible that soon it won’t be possible to use a card to make an ATM withdrawal.

Hitachi, a Japanese technology corporation, and Itcard, a Polish provider of banking services, have put their cutting-edge “Finger Vein” technology in a vein there.

Now, anyone wishing to withdraw money can do it just placing their finger on the scanner instead of using a card. He claimed that he will no longer experience issues like forgetting the password and won’t be hot when the card is misplaced.

This year, at least 1,730 ATMs in Poland will have this technology installed. Several banks are now testing this technology. According to Hitachi, it will export the technology to the UK and other nations.

This device reads the pattern of the finger’s blood arteries by infrared light by combining a CCD camera with infrared light. It’s been said that each person’s finger vein pattern is unique.

It will be possible to identify the user by contrasting the read vein pattern with the initially marked pattern. This technology is also being evaluated in the city of Lund in southern Sweden; if effective, it will be included to ATMs.

According to rumors, beginning in April, consumers in Sweden and Poland will be able to pay for their products with a sweep of their finger.