I present to you LG HomeBrew, which will enable you to make beer at home

The well-known TV and appliance manufacturer LG has expanded into the beer industry. On December 11, LG Electronics released a device for homebrewing named HomeBrew.

January 2020 Details about it will be displayed at CES 2019 in Los Angeles. Capsules are added to the device by LG HomeBrew. By pressing a button, the device can produce a full batch of beer.

Five different types of capsules—”American IPA,” “American Pale Ale,” “English Stout,” “Belgian style Witbier,” and “Czech Pilsner”—will be made available. The materials required to manufacture beer, such as barley and yeast, are contained in each capsule. It will contain flavorings and rose oil.

Fermentation, everything will be processed automatically by the machine, from the carbonation to the drinkable level. Without losing flavor, the beer can be kept in the machine, and when the process is complete, the equipment will clean itself.

No contamination is necessary because the beer residue may be cleaned with hot water and hot air. The accompanying app for Android and iOS allows users to control the LG HomeBrew gadget. The brewing process can be observed.

It will keep for approximately a week, depending on the kind of beer. Beers up to 5 liters in volume.

The creation of LG HomeBrew, according to Song Dae-hyun, president of LG Electronics Home Appliances and AirSolution, is the culmination of decades of home appliance and water purifying technology development by LG.

The cost of the HomeBrew system has not yet been made public by LG. The upcoming CES 2019 event will serve as its official debut.