Automatic trash bag closure; a smart trash can from Xiaomi that may be knocked over

The company Xiaomi, which creates and markets a variety of smart gadgets, has just unveiled a smart trash can.

This smart trash can was unveiled by Xiaomi’s fundraising website, YouPin, and it is not a robotic trash can that can dispose of trash on its own.

However, consumers will adore the automated functions of the smart garbage can. When your hand approaches the garbage can lid, the lid will automatically open, which is the first clever feature of the smart trash can.

Automatically open; a closeable lid is utilized, but it is made airtight. It is said that the garbage scent doesn’t require heating.

The Xiaomi smart trash can also has a nice feature: when the trash bag is full, it will automatically shut the bag. Garbage bags can be closed firmly enough so that they can be turned inside out without the requirement for manual tying.

Additionally, you can put a new garbage bag in the trash can automatically as you take out the old one. A smart trash can from Xiaomi stands 400 mm tall, weighs 3.5 kg, and holds 15.5 gallons.

People who appreciate smart home appliances would adore this garbage can because it is only $29 and affordable. YouPin is now open for business. Apparently, the delivery will begin on September 11.