Having a built-in projector, the Moviphone smartphone costs six hundrads

Wireless Mobi Solution was one of the businesses that attracted the audience’s attention at the most recent CES 2018 expo. On the surface, Wireless Mobi Solution’s “Moviphone” appears to be a mid-range Android phone. Nothing overly sentimental.

But the fact that the phone has a laser projector is one of its key advantages. The Moviphone’s built-in laser projector provides a 50-lumen light output.

The same brightness as the Projector Moto Mod seen in the Moto Z line of smartphones from Motorola. However, one distinction is that, unlike the Moto Mod, you don’t have to secure the projector component to the phone body.

The Moviphone body contains a laser projector. Despite having a laser projector inside, the phone’s body is not particularly thick.

It is not immediately clear that it is a projector, even with a thorough inspection. The laser projector from Moviphone has an image projection size of up to 100 inches, an 80,000:1 contrast ratio, and a resolution of up to 720p (HD).

Whether it be a game or a movie, You can utilize it however you want because you can view everything on the phone screen, regardless of the app.