The first smartphone in the world with two pop-up front cameras is released by Vivo

Vivo has launched yet another fashionable phone shortly after debuting the NEX 3 smartphone with a distinctive appearance.

The Vivo V17 Pro is the newest model in the Vivo V series. It will be marketed in many nations as the company’s flagship model, just like the earlier V-series phones.

The Vivo V17 Pro’s performance isn’t all that different from the V15 Pro’s from earlier this year. The V15 Pro’s Snapdragon 675 chipset is also utilized by this device. The remaining details, however, have changed.

A minimum of 8GB of RAM will be included. In addition, the battery’s capacity was raised to 4,100 mAh. You’ll also notice that the body is thicker, measuring 9.8mm in thickness.

Although the larger battery might be to blame for the phone’s thicker frame, it’s more likely that the new pop-up front-facing camera component is to blame.

The motorized front camera portion of the Vivo V17 Pro phone body now has two additional camera sensors. 8 MP wide-angle camera and a 32 MP primary camera. An earphone and a night-lighting LED light are also included in this module.

The Vivo V17 Pro
won’t feature any noticeable notch or wide bezels because a pop-up camera is used. Almost the entire phone is covered by the 6-inch, 44-inch 1080p OLED display. The phone is a bit longer than average due to its 20:9 aspect ratio.

The typical fingerprint sensor will be integrated beneath the OLED screen and will be compatible with it. Four rear cameras are present on the V17 Pro’s back.

48MP primary camera; 13MP telephoto with a 2x zoom; 8MP wide-angle; and 2MP depth sensor with the ability to snap up-close pictures. Vertically, four cameras are mounted.

The old micro-USB port has been totally eliminated in the Vivo V17 Pro for the first time in the series’ history. Fans’ most popular desire, USB Type-C, is now readily available.

Use the 18W Dual-Engine quick charging solution from Vivo. The Vivo V17 Pro is available in India for 29,990 rupees, or around $420. Two colors—black and light green—will be created and offered for sale.

It will be for sale starting on September 27 in the Indian market. Other markets will need a few days to receive it.