A smart door lock with Bluetooth and a fingerprint sensor was unveiled by Xiaomi

In China, Xiaomi, which makes smart home gadgets under the MIJIA brand, unveiled a smart door lock. The price of this sophisticated smart door lock is $245. On June 28 at 10 a.m., it will be put up for sale.

Pull-push technology is used to create the MIJIA Smart Door Lock. The door handle has a fingerprint sensor system installed.

Simply place your palm on the handle to open the door, even if you’ve lost the door key. The lock body won’t be harmed even if the door handle is damaged since the cylinder lock system is installed inside the lock body.

Another electrical sensor is located in the key home. A notification will be sent to your phone or smart wristband if you haven’t locked or rekeyed it.

A fingerprint and number opening system is the MIJIA Smart Door Lock. a Bluetooth-enabled setup for systems that start with phones. You can use different NFC systems.

There is a keyhole for easy opening as well. You can provide a temporary password to someone if you wish to temporarily grant them entry into your house.

In addition to a little black box and an electromagnetic wave protection system, it is rumored to have up to 15 different sorts of safety mechanisms.

In order to switch on the air conditioner when the door is opened, the Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Door Lock may also be linked to other smart home appliances. The door lock also allows you to operate other smart home appliances, such as the thermostat and smart lightbulbs.