On October 23, Xiaomi will unveil its second-generation gaming phone

Two gaming smartphones will be released by Xiaomi in the same year. Mid-April saw the company’s first game phone, known as the Black Shark, go on sale. As the least expensive game phone available, it was well received by smartphone gamers.

The number of people who registered this phone at that time exceeded 1 million within a week of its release on the market. Regarding Black Shark 2, we haven’t yet heard anything that will be significantly different from the first version.

One flagship CPU released by Qualcomm each year, the Snapdragon 845 SoC, will continue to be used in the Black Shark 2. The second iteration of the Black Shark is anticipated to have the same amount of RAM as the first, which had 6GB and 8GB.

Black Shark 2 will update its appearance in order to keep up with modern gaming phones. The logo on the side panel and back is embellished with RGB backlights, as seen in a hands-on video/strong> that was recently released.

The screen will be roughly 6 inches in size and will still have a 4000 mAh battery. This phone is a gaming phone; therefore, it will undoubtedly use liquid cooling technology that is intended to provide a high-end gaming experience.

The Mate 20 X, a recently released gaming phone from Huawei, combines carbon layer cooling technology with water vapor cooling.

Black Shark 2
will still only use dual lenses for its camera system. The two rear cameras and back-facing fingerprint scanner of the Black Shark 2 are shown in the photographs that have been circulated. Knowing everything about Black Shark 2 is challenging. The 23rd of October will have to do.