Introducing the new Microsoft security system with the new Windows 10 Keyboard system

Microsoft, a US-based technology business, has unveiled a new keyboard system that will be practical for users of the Windows operating system and laptops.

Surface and Modern are other names for it. Between the Alt and Ctrl keys, it features an accessible fingerprint reader for security purposes.

The fingerprint reader system, in contrast to other keyboard systems, includes a separate button on the screen. The business claimed that the fingerprint scanning technology was included in the keyboard’s keys as a separate button and that it was designed to lock the machine with the fingerprint system.

Afterward, you don’t have to hit a lot of buttons, like a password, to open. It is now possible to lock the computer using a fingerprint reader technology, just as phones, in the new Windows 10 operating system.

It also contains a fingerprint reader if you use Windows Hello. Windows 10 compatibility is built into the Modern Keyboard system. It can also be connected to MacOS.

The most recent models of high-end Android phones can connect to it as well. Only two colors are offered for this keyboard set. Both silver and gray.

It is acceptable to use Bluetooth 4.0 and later for wireless connectivity, but it is also available in a version that requires a cable connection.

Microsoft did not say that Modern Keyboard would be available on MacOS and Android smartphones, as was previously mentioned.

According to the manufacturer, Windows 10 Surface Studio, Pro, and Laptops are the best devices for using its keyboard. The introduction states that it is included so that it can work with other systems as well.

It is compatible with Windows 8 and later computers, as well as Windows 10 mobile devices. It will retail for $129.99 in the USA. In addition to a keyboard, Microsoft is also launching a contemporary mouse.

A metal scroll wheel is also present. Bluetooth 4.0 or later is required if you want to use the mouse wirelessly. Batteries of type AAA must be used with the mouse. The battery in the keyboard is built to be rechargeable. Although no specifics have been made public yet, they will soon be available.

This mouse’s design lacks a button. As with a regular mouse, there are two left and right buttons, but instead of being visible, they are located on the middle finger.