A foldable tablet from Xiaomi is also soon to be released

We saw smartphones with foldable displays in 2018, like the FlexPai. Xiaomi is reportedly developing a foldable phone with a display that can fold in three different directions.

A new foldable tablet that is most likely to be manufactured by Xiaomi was released on Twitter a few days before CES 2019, one of the greatest IT exhibitions in the world. Evan Blass is a well-known smartphone journalist.

Evan acknowledges that he is unable to verify the veracity of either the product or the video, but he can confirm that the equipment in the video actually functions.

He claimed he thought it was a Xiaomi tablet. There have been rumors that Xiaomi has been introducing foldable phones since July 2018, but I’m not sure if that’s true or not. This foldable tablet has a unique feature in that the display can fold three times, as opposed to FlexPai and Samsung’s Infinity Flex, which can only be folded in half.

Foldable phones have been popular for a while, but Royole Corp.’s FlexPai phone was the first to really be sold. According to the business, the FlexPai app, which was released on October 31, can open and close the phone display more than 200,000 times.

It costs at least 8,999 yuan (more than 20,000,000 Myanmar kyats) for FlexPai, which includes its proprietary Water OS operating system.

The new Infinity Flex Display technology was also unveiled by Samsung right after the FlexPai. The new Samsung UI, One UI, will be included in Samsung’s foldable phone, which is anticipated to go on sale in the middle of this year and will begin selling at least 1 million units.

When the Huawei Mate 20 was unveiled, a different smartphone manufacturer, Huawei, also announced that it would be making foldable phones with 5G. It will be revealed at CES 2019 the following week if Xiaomi has already released a foldable phone.