Using a laser sensor system, Xiaomi unveiled the new MIJIA robot vacuum cleaner

The MIJIA line of intelligent robot vacuum cleaners is one of Xiaomi’s best-selling goods. A new Mijia robot vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi with improved features was announced on August 13.

The garbage cart mop systems are also getting better, and this type has laser-detecting systems.

The MIJIA robot vacuum cleaner offers three different cleaning methods, including a mop system and a dual-use system. You’ll need to buy extra accessories if you want to use the complete system.

The mop system requires an additional 550 mm radiator, which must be purchased. The only compartments on the gadget will be a 55-mm waste box and a tiny water compartment.

The MIJIA robot vacuum cleaner
has the ability to mop the path in a manner similar to that of a professional cleaner. According to reports, a mutual swipe technique is employed rather than simply one swipe.

There won’t be any traffic congestion because the water spray can be adjusted to the situation. Since the machine can determine how much water is still present, it will not protect wooden floors if there is none.

The electric motor in the MIJIA robot vacuum cleaner is from Japan. There is a 2100Pa maximum suction power. The entire house will be mapped and automatically cleaned by the laser sensor system, which has an 8-meter range.

From the mobile app, the vacuum cleaner may be managed. From the app, you can keep an eye on the cleaning situation and trends in real time. Additionally, using the app, the cleaning schedule and route may be predetermined.

The machine will automatically remember the room and the completed part once it has cleaned a room for the first time. The user has the ability to customize the cleaning of the room.

The MIJIA robot vacuum cleaner reportedly has a 110-minute operating time on a single battery. A room 180 meters wide can be cleaned once.

There is no need for manual charging because the battery can recharge itself by returning to the charging station when it runs out. On August 16, the item will be available for purchase for 1,799 yuan ($254).