The new Meta VR Headset was left in the hotel room by mistake

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, has been berating his engineering staff for being too forgetful. A hotel room was where the Meta Quest Pro VR Headset, which hasn’t yet been released on the market, was left. An engineering prototype known as the Project Cambria VR Headset was discovered by Ramio Cardenas, a hotel employee.

Cardinals claims that new VR device features three additional cameras on the front of the headset than the Quest 2 of the current iteration. The new Meta Quest Pro’s controller has a novel design that differs from the circular open form of the Oculus Quest 2 of the current generation. Additionally, the controller has two onboard cameras.

The phrase “Not for Resale, Engineering Sample Only” and the Meta Quest Pro logo are printed on the headset’s packaging. Instead of taking a photo of this goods, Cardinals uploaded an unboxing video to social media. The Quest Pro will have a charging port, according to a post by Zectarius Gaming. The owner has since taken possession of this VR headset.

Meta will delete from Facebook any images and unboxing videos of the business’s upcoming products. Additionally, Cardenas was charged with stealing guest property, recording audio and video, and leaving the hotel.

Prototype products that have not yet hit the market are frequently left behind in public areas. The iPhone 4 prototype device was previously purchased by the Gizmodo website after being discovered in a pub in California. There have recently been rumors that a prototype Google Pixel Watch gadget was abandoned in a restaurant.

The new VR headset
from the company has not yet been confirmed by Meta. In the previous year, Meta revealed that it would launch the Cambria project, a cutting-edge VR headset. According to reports, Cambria is also capable of tasks that other VR headsets are unable to complete.

According to the manufacturer, this product’s revolutionary sensor technology will be able to draw a virtual portrait of you based on your screen actions. According to legend, Cambria can also depict things found in the real world.

Quest Pro has Mixed Reality support, and in the demo video that Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted this summer, you can see outdoor scenes in real color from the camera without removing the headset, and with the aid of the Depth Sensor, digital objects can be accurately described in the outdoor setting.