New fingerprint technology for automobile door unlocking and ignition is unveiled by Hyundai

To open automobile doors, Hyundai is utilizing a fingerprint system akin to that used in smartphones; the new ignition technology was announced, according to the auto website CarAdvice.

Two sensors are part of the Hyundai system, one on the driver-side outside door handle and the other on the engine start/stop button. Additionally, the technology can identify a driver’s three distinct fingerprints. Hyundai’s fingerprint recognition system will also always match the user’s fingerprint, even as it changes over time.

Heat and dirt are detected by the sensor on the handle of the automobile door, which is roughly four times larger than a smartphone sensor. It can resist weather like rain and freezing fairly well. The side mirrors have been pre-adjusted, according to Song Dong-Joon, a senior designer at Hyundai-Kia’s Namyang Institute.

According to Song Dong-joon, Hyundai’s method makes existing smart car keys five times more secure with a fingerprint misreading rate of just 0.0002 percent, or one in 50,000 persons.