Introducing Samsung’s latest cutting-edge and creative technology products

It was announced at the 2017 Samsung Southeast Asia and Oceania Forum held in Singapore in 2016. On February 17th, Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd. The stunning QLED TV series, the Family Hub 2.0 refrigerator, washing machines, and clothes dryers are just a few of Samsung’s many new products.

With the Flex WashTM washing machine and the POWERbotTMVR 7000, Samsung has also unveiled technological leadership that is essential to consumers’ daily lives. “We at Samsung are determined to not only meet the ever-changing needs of our customers, but also to continuously provide well-intentioned innovations that will have a better impact on their daily lives,” said Yong Sung Jeon, President and CEO of Samsung Electronics Southeast Asia and Oceania, at the event.

We had some obstacles to overcome in 2016, but we all rose to the occasion and will keep collaborating with our clients to forge ahead with a brighter future. In the field of home entertainment, Samsung QLED is a pioneer. With outstanding quantum dot technology enhancements, Samsung unveiled the QLED TV models Q7, Q8, and Q9.

The best light and color combination among the available display technologies is provided by this series, which uses a novel metal like nanoscale semiconductor quantum dots. You will be able to view through the big and lovely wide screen QLED TV since it produces astonishingly accurate and sharp images from every angle and in any setting.

more comfortable homes

Samsung’s dedication to bringing consumers technological advancements and the ongoing development of top-notch home appliances is demonstrated by the Family Hub 2.0 Refrigerator, which took home an Innovation Award at CES 2017. Washroom appliance FlexWashTM. This is demonstrated by the first wall-mounted Wind-FreeTM air conditioner and VR7000 POWERbot vacuums in the world.

Users’ requirements will be met by Family Hub 2.0, an improvement to Family Hub 1.0, which was appreciated by many users last year. It is more thorough and simple to grasp. Family Hub 2.0, which brings families closer together through new apps and app partnerships, offers an improved user experience with features including the ability to manage meals and access entertainment programs through the 21.5-inch wide LED touch screen.

A new FlexWashTM washing machine model from Samsung that combines a washer and dryer was also released this year. It includes several of Samsung’s most important laundry technologies and features, including as the well-known AddWash door. FlexWashTM was created with systems to care for various types of clothing and is intended to reduce washing time in half.

The machine’s primary front loader is similar to the AddWash washing machine and doubles as a clothes dryer, allowing users to dry their clothes in one location after washing them rather than having to relocate them to another. Additionally, soft clothing can be washed in the machine’s tiny compartment at the top.

In order for the washing machine to be used, both compartments must be loaded simultaneously. Samsung changed the stand-up Wind-FreeTM air conditioner, which was released in Korea last year and was well-liked by many consumers, to a wall-mounted air conditioner this year.

The AR9500M is a Wind-FreeTM air conditioning system that creates a cool, comfortable environment in the room without the use of direct cold wind, which is uncomfortable inside the home.