Two varieties of wireless headphones are now available from ZTE

ZTE recently unveiled two wireless headphones and the Axon 30 5G smartphone. There are two new wireless headphones available: ZTE Buds and LiveBuds Pro. The ZTE Buds are placed into the ear and have a similar design to Apple’s AirPods.

The wireless earphone is lightweight, weighing only 3.4 grams, and can endure perspiration and water. According to ZTE, the ZTE Buds wireless earphones may be used for 5 hours of music listening and 4 hours of talking. The charger’s battery has a 500 mAh capacity, and it has a 24-hour standby time.

ZTE Buds will cost less than LiveBuds Pro, which will cost more and have a different design. Both earphones will be water- and sweat-resistant and feature technology to suppress outside noise. For 24 hours, it can be left in standby mode with the charging case.

Only white and black will be offered for the two wireless headphones from ZTE. ZTE Buds cost $26 (about 43,000 Myanmar Kyats), while LiveBuds Pro are priced at $54 (roughly 90,000 Myanmar Kyats).