For the security of well-known individuals online, Apple unveiled a new Lockdown Mode

Celebrities will be shielded from cyberattacks thanks to a new iPhone feature from Apple. With the intention of shielding notable individuals like politicians and activists from the hands of national hackers, Lockdown Mode, a new feature, has been unveiled for the iPhone.

The number of features that can be breached by online attackers is drastically reduced, and spyware attacks are greatly diminished by lockdown mode. Numerous iPhone functionalities are blocked in this mode. In particular, iMessage lacks several preview functions. Safari browser limitations in regard to Javascript.

Preventing the configuration from being reset by the inserted profile. We have turned off Wired Connections and all of Apple’s incoming call features, including FaceTime, to stop data from being duplicated.

Additionally, Apple has stated that it will reward researchers with up to $2 million if they can identify a security hole in this function, thereby enhancing the security of Lockdown Mode. After hearing that journalists and politicians were using Apple products that were infested with malware, activists launched Lockdown Mode.

Because Apple is in charge of the safety of the company’s products, the iPhone NSO Group, a company that does detection by embedding spyware in goods like the iPad, has been sued by Pegasus Spyware.

The zero-click attack capability of Pegasus Spyware from the Israeli cyber company NSO Group allows for the installation of spyware without the user clicking on a link, as well as the remote management and access to the camera and microphone of infected devices.

The iOS 16 Lockdown Mode update will be available for all iPad and Mac models next winter. The release of macOS Ventura and iPadOS 16 is also reportedly planned.