HP releases a voice-activated printer in the form of a book

Printers are among the things that haven’t changed much, despite the fact that technological goods are always improving at a rapid rate. It feels like we’ve returned to the 1990s, especially with the ugly design of many printers.

However, HP’s recently unveiled Tango printer is a printer that is suitable for the smart era.

The Tango printer from HP can print from any location. You can issue voice instructions to Google Assistant, Alexa, and smart speakers using Cortana. Tango also offers an Instant Ink service, similar to Amazon Dash, that ensures you never run out of supplies.

You will need new ink when the existing ink runs out, saving you the time and effort of running to the stationery store just before printing.

In addition to these fascinating capabilities, the Tango printer’s book-sized form is appealing. The size is just about a book’s thickness. If you set it on the table, you won’t even realize it’s a printer because book covers may also be attached.

Starting in October
, the Tango printer will cost $149. For $199, customers can purchase the Tango X model with a book cover.