The release of “Smart Motorcycle Helmets” featuring digital assistants and augmented reality displays

Although it is a good idea, the technology behind smart motorcycle helmets hasn’t yet proven to be effective. Companies are already using this technology, though. The Jarvish business is the most recent to produce a smart motorcycle helmet.

The “Jarvish X” and “Jarvish X-AR” models of smart motorcycle helmets will be the first two that are produced. The less complicated of the two models is called Jarvish X. The most popular digital assistants, including Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa, have microphones that allow for voice control.

You may ask for and get instructions using your voice while riding a motorcycle. You can also use voice control to manage the music playing on your phone and the weather.

A 2K front camera is also built into the motorcycle helmet, so you can record motorcycle riding without having to attach a GoPro. The price of the Jarvish X helmet is $799, and the Kickstarter campaign will begin in January of 2019.

All of the aforementioned features, in addition to an augmented reality display modeled after Google Glass, will be present in the more sophisticated Jarvish X-AR helmet.

The back of the helmet for a motorcycle Current speed and weather conditions are displayed on an adjustable AR HUD display. Arrival calls are shown. There will be a second rear camera behind the helmet in addition to the 2K front camera, allowing you to monitor the bike’s rear perspective while wearing the helmet.

The price range for the Jarvish X-AR helmet is $2,599. In the second half of 2019, the Kickstarter project will launch. The two battery-operated helmets are composed of carbon fiber to make them lighter.

The battery
will last for six hours when used with the X-hat. According to the manufacturer, the X-AR has a 4-hour battery life.