A large-screen tablet and a tiny robot are unveiled by Amazon

A 15.6-inch tablet with a big screen and a tiny robot named Astro have both been released by Amazon. The tablet, which goes by the name Echo Show 15, differs from other tablets in that it is much larger and has additional features.

Google Home 15

The 15.6-inch Full HD screen of the Echo Show 15 tablet is of high resolution. The front camera’s shutter may be opened and closed, and it is mounted in the screen’s upper left corner.

The ability to be mounted on walls is a feature of the Echo Show 15. Record on the screen; you can embellish it with a calendar and a list of the daily tasks. You may mount the tablet on the wall and watch videos and movies as well. The Echo Show 15 has a price of $249 from Amazon.

Google Amazon

It is a little robot that goes by the name of Astro. Inclusion, mobility, and the ability to move about the home will allow the speaker to keep an eye on things while the owner is away. Include a camera, and raise it higher than necessary to check to see if the oven is on or off.

If not, you can still check. You will also receive message delivery notifications. Additionally, it will be able to transport and carry little things. For the time being, the little Astro robot costs US$999. According to Amazon, the fixed pricing will shortly be changed to US$1,449.