Redmi is planning to release a new smart watch

Redmi, a division of the Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi, has formally announced that a second-generation smart watch will be released. Along with the Redmi Note 11 series of smartphones, a brand-new smartwatch named the Redmi Watch 2 will be unveiled.

The second-generation smart watch from Redmi will include a 1.6-inch, multicolored AMOLED display. The screen’s brightness has increased. Redmi Watch 2 contains smart watch features like heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, step counting technology, and support for other sports monitoring and evaluation.

A GPS system has reportedly been added, and SpO2 technology—which gauges the quantity of oxygen in the blood—is still probably going to be present. Redmi has officially confirmed that the Redmi Watch 2 will go on sale on October 28.